Steps on How to Save your Plants from Winter

Move plants closer to the window

During winter plants may not get enough sunlight so try keeping your plants near the windows or railings. Keep in mind not to stick the plant to window , if the window gets cold then there are chances that your plant may get cold and may die.

Clean your windows

Once you have kept the plants near the window make sure the windows are clean so that the plant may absorb maximum sunlight.

Cut down on water

Most plants go in hibernation in winter and do not need water as much as they do in summer so cut the water or else plants may rot and develop diseases.

Clean and dust the leaves.

Clean the leaves with water or mild soap so that they may absorb sunlight at fullest and also the plants look cleaner.

Avoid fertilisers

As water intake is less in winter similarly the plants dont need fertilisers and avoid doing so.

Use artificial lights

If your house dosnt have enough sunlight even near windows then use artificial lights , keep the plants under bulbs which will give them enough heat and warmth tyhroughout winter and can also enlighten your day.

Dont repot

Never repot your plant in winter as the plant need strenght due to lack of sunlight.

Happy gardening. keep planting .

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