Best tech gadgets for indoor plant lovers

Gardening is best source for physical and mental health. whether you are a newbie or a horticulturist  below smart gadgets add  a boon to your garden.

This lights are generally 9 watt and come in two colour , white for non flowering plants and red for flowering ones. Main purpose of this device is to provide the plant with ample light which some homes deprive off.

Soil PH meter
Soil pH meters are devices used to measure the acidity or alkalinity of a soil.
The most common influences on soil pH are weather, fertilizer, type and amount of irrigation, soil type, other plants in the area and nutrient availability.

Watering devices.
Watering spikes – The spike provides a slow and steady drip of water right to the roots so you’ll be less likely to drown your plant by OVERWATERING.

Best apps for plant lovers.
Plant apps helps gardeners to get more information on plants and help in identification.

Light monitoring devices
It is one of the smart monitoring system to measure the observing level of light and temperature obtained by a plant.

Plant monitoring devices
This system is a very helpful and modern technique to monitor light , humidity and temperature of a plant.You can also water  the plants using this technique.

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