Even the most successful gardeners face the plant problems from time to time like insect attach above and below the ground, shunted growth of plant , no fruits , if flower is bloomed but no fruit, root rot , yellow and brown leaves etc.
Sounds familiar ? Yes we also face the same problems and the main problem is to know if your plant is having some problem.

First and difficult problem is of insects

1. Insects like Aphids , mealybugs , Mites , Scale , Thrips , Whitefly , Fungus gnats etc cause leaves to turn yellow , stunted growth of plant and also root rot.

Solution – Best way to get rid is using non chemical management like wiping the insects with cloth or hand and also cleaning the affected area with neem soap.

2. Spindly Plants is caused by low or poor lightning conditions to plant

Solution- Keep the pant in medium light or under sun for 8 to 10 hours.

3. Few flowers and excessive growth

Solution- Provide favorable lightning conditions and lower the use of Nitrogen fertilizer.

4. Yellowing Leaves

Solution – Water your plant less frequently and don’t drench your plant. Check if plant is wet for a long time.

5. Brown Leaf tips

Solution – Water plant too often and lower the use of fertiliser.

6. Weak growth

Solution – Check for root system which may be damaged by root rot.

7. My seed refuses  to sprout

Solution – It could just be that the seed needs more time to sprout or check for too dry / too wet soil . Also sow the seeds at proper time of climate.

8.  My plants are not producing fruits.

Solution- Plant is not mature enough also check if you have pollinate the plant and do check if soil is not having excess nitrogen.


Again, no gardener is immune to garden issues because we cannot control the environment, so do not be discouraged! It is important that gardeners keep a close eye on seeds, plants, and fruits in order to catch and resolve issues as soon as possible. This list is meant to help any and every gardener out there find, fix and avoid garden issues. We love gardening and we want everyone else to love it too, without being frustrated. Hang in there! Giving up is never the solution!

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