Tips to care for home garden during monsoon

How are you planning to take of your garden this monsoon ? Are you thinking to start new home garden then this is the right time to do so.
This article provides best approach for gardening and growing new thriving garden.

Rain water harvesting.
For those with indoor garden just keep 2 -3 buckets in your garden and collect the rain water for your plants.For harvesting rain water as a storage for watering plants, one can build small channels through the roof and pathway around the home which can be directed to a tank or reservoir for storing water for gardening purposes.  this can be used to thrive plants.

Provide support to your plants
Check your plants if they are about to fall , if they have weak stem and are clinging for support then just add support with help of sticks / bamboos / rods etc to make the plant strong and sustain winds and heavy rain.

Shading the plants during monsoon
Some of us completely cover the plant and deprive it of natural rain water. we can use special sheets for the same which can act as sprinklers for our plants rather than just draining the top most soil of the plants which has nutrients. for this just Peirce some holes through sheets and this will help you a lot.

Don’t let your soil erode
Rainwater may cause soil erosion and expose the roots to rainwater which may eventually kill the plants . Build a barrier around the plant keeping in mind the water doesn’t log.

Prune your plants
Check your plant for dead leaves and stems. Prune leaves a bit for faster growth of plants.

Add fertilizers and manure.
Check colour of leaves and add organic manure and fertilizers to the plants as most nutrients may be eroded due to rain water. Add compost mostly which act as natural fertiliser.Add fresh soil or compost as exposed roots can dry out which will seriously harm or kill your plant. Replenish the nutrients. Rain can carry away much needed nutrients for your vegetable plants

Share your ideas and tips on gardening. Keep gardening and be happy.

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