Top 10 reasons Why flowers don’t bloom

Top 10 reasons Why flowers don’t bloom

Sometimes we just take great care of our plants and they don’t return us with our desired blooms of flowers or vegetables. Its so frustrating !!
You should be well aware of the individual needs of the plants and if your entire garden is not blooming there is something serious.
Take a look for some important tips …

1. Heat
Some plants just stop blooming due to excess heat. Here you can shift the plant in some shade or can cover the plant shade or plant sides with cloth.

2. Fertilizer
Over fertilizer
Providing too much of Nitrogen only enhances stem and leaf growth. Here you can wash the soil with water and stop giving the plant more Nitrogen for about 2 weeks and surely the plant will bloom.

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Under fertilizer
It may cause the plant to wilt and sudden death. Here you can add organic compost and manure for best results.

3. Water
Over watering
Over watering may rot the roots. Many desert and house hold plant don’t require more frequent watering. Just check the surface of the soil before watering and then water the plant.

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Under watering
If plant don’t get enough water they may stop blooming and soil may drought and the plant may eventually die.

4. Sunlight
Sunlight plays a crucial role in blooming. Sunlight loving plants wont bloom in shade as well as the shade loving plants wont bloom and may die in full sunlight. Read more about your plants and keep them in appropriate place for better results.

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5. Prune
Prune the plants often and remove any wilted end and dead flowers so that the energy is diverted to healthy buds for propagation.
Wilted flowers waste energy and attract insect and pests.

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6. Plant age
Some time plans and bulbs take a long around months or years to bloom. Plants requires time to be mature enough to bloom.
Newly set out plants may not have sufficient root strength to bloom.
Be patient and provide the plant with enough nutrients. My Tube rose has not yet bloomed since 6 months. Finger crossed.

7. Poor drainage
Many plant require moist soil for blooming but the same may not bloom in waterlogged soil. Just check with the drainage of the water and water the plant as and when required.

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8. Season
Many plant are seasonal bloomers. Don’t feel disheartened and just keep a planner about the plant and have patience. Many plants are seasonal like bloom everyday , every season , every year etc.
Weather can alter bloom periods, too. Some fruit trees bloom one year, rest the next year, then bloom again. Removing excess fruit sometimes will trigger blooms the next year.

9. Not mulching
Plants growing in a mulched soil are usually more vigorous, less prone to pests and diseases. Mulching reduces fungal growth on soil thus providing more nutrients to plant.

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10. Over crowding
Plants need good air circulation, and often the roots get too intertwined. Although fall is the best time to separate.

Happy gardening 😀

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