How to save a dying plant

How many of you panic when leaves of your plant turn yellow , stem gets brown and roots tend to rot.
Don’t panic as you and plant still have hope before its sad and final demise.

Most of us assume that we should water the plant keep on draining it. (I also tend to do the same and end up being upset)
Getting too much of something or too little fluctuates the health of the plant.

1.Over watering may cause leaves to turn brown or yellow and soil may be moist.Solution – Keep the plant in sunlight and water it lightly. Repot the plant with new soil.

2.Under watering may cause leaves to turn yellow and dry and soil becomes hard and dry.Solution – keep the plant in Moist areas and avoid sun a bit with light watering.

3.Avoid watering plants at night only do so if the plant is wilted or else it may cause diseases.

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4.Check for proper drainage and make some space for roots. Remove dead roots so that healthy leaves will get proper oxygen.

5.If your plant is suffering from bug attacks and has turned leaves into brown color or hole in leaves , folded leaved , white layering , abnormal leaves, wipe off the same with soap solution.

6.If plant stem is deformed or growth is stunted then your plants is nutrient deficient which requires some organic fertilizer and repotting and addition of new soil.

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7.Poke several holes in the surface of the soil, if the plant is in the ground or you can’t put it in a tray of water; the holes allow water to penetrate the surface of the soil.

8.Look for green soil, which is actually algae growing in the overabundance of water. You will need to buy new soil.

9.Place some gravel or plant mesh at the bottom to give the plant even more room to drain.

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10.Empty collected water from the drip after every watering so moisture doesn’t get reabsorbed by the soil.

11.If you reuse the old pot, sterilize it in a solution of 1 part bleach to 9 parts water to destroy any fungus surviving on the container.

12.Water the plant sparingly so the soil doesn’t dry out completely until the roots recover and the plant begins producing new foliage.

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Happy gardening πŸ˜€

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