Top 10 gardening mistakes to avoid

Too many questions ? How to water a plant ? Will my plant survive ? Is the hole deep enough ?

1. Over-watering

Excess watering may cause the roots to rot and thus killing the plant. Check the soil before watering to avoid waterlogging.

2. Over- fertilizing

Too much of fertilizers can stunt the growth and blooming of flowers. Over nutrients may also kill the plant.
A good rule of thumb is a 50/50 ratio of fertilizer to soil.

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3. Inadequate spacing (Crowding your plants)

Planting seeds and plants closely leads to suffocation and can deplete the growth. Proper space should be maintained so that the plants can get enough sunlight , water and air.
Give trees plenty of space, you can always fill in later.

You can buy greenhouse tray to maintain spacing and propagating new seeds here

4. Planting too early

Plant your trees mostly in spring so that it may not burn with excess sunlight and cold weather conditions.

5. Depth of your plant

It is the main factor when it comes to grow plants from seeds. Larger seeds need to be sowed deep as compared to smaller ones. Some seeds require sunlight and air for propagation which should be kept in mind.

6. Under watering

Little water can cause littng of plant leading to sudden death. Less water may not reach the roots and will stunt the growth of plants.

7. Wrong spot

We always buy plants only on looks and don’t ask for conditions required. We just buy and keep all the plants under the sun which leads to sudden death of plants.
• Full sunshine – 6 or more hours a day.
• Partial sun/shade – 3-5 hours a day.
• Full shade – less than 3 hours a day.

8. Poor soil preparation

Loosen the soil before planting a plant. Add some soil enhancers and compost or organic fertilizers in soil. Also make sure soil is full of nutrients.
Infertile soil will never thrive your plants. Soil preparation must be done before planting , if done post seeds propagate then it might cause the plant to die.
You buy a soil test kit on Amazon

9. Not taking care of pests

Pests and rodents are dying to disappear you from garden so that they can feast up on your plant. Try using scarecrows which will keep away birds.
You can also use hang old CD’s tied to string which will blind the creatures. Sprinkling salt around the pots will keep away ants.

10. Not Mulching

Many of us see as a no- no to mulching as it not a much decorative element in your garden. Keep adding mulch which will keep weeds away and prevent soil erosion.
It also acts as a protection from pests and diseases.

Choose one plant after another , if you try to cultivate everything then it might turn a big fail as your garden needs your attention and love.
Once you have mastered one plant move to another and then other and slowly increase number of plants which will eventually boost up your confidence.

Happy gardening 🌱🌻🌺🌿😀😆

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