Top 10 plants for kids to grow

Children are very curious and are always very eager to learn new things and get dirty with hands. Helping them to plant a tree will grow a sense of caring in them.
Gardening is also a great way to teach environmental awareness. Let them get muddy, fall over and discover the difference between a stinging nettle and a dock leaf.

Start with some of these child friendly plants so that they feel as if they have achieved something worthwhile throughout the growing process.


It is a must for a child’s garden , flowers will bloom within 8 weeks. when they grow and get tall , the flowers would appear and provide seeds to birds for the autumn and winter.
Sunflowers do need full sunlight – which makes them easy to plant in your yard. You won’t have to worry about finding a spot that isn’t too sunny!

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Delicious strawberries are easy to grow and children love to pick and eat them. Strawberries like a nice sunny position, well drained soil, and lots of water.
They are like nature’s sweet candy! Strawberries are perfect for children, because harvesting them is like a treasure hunt and your children will want to come out to the garden every day to peek underneath the leaves.

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Mint is a delicious, fragrant herb with many uses. It’s easy to grow, tolerates more shade than many other plants, and does well in containers. Grown at an outside tap it will get enough water and flourish.

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This herb with its aromatic blue or purple flowers will add a wonderful scent to your garden and to your home if you use them to make a potpourri – another fun activity with the kids. Lavender is edible and can be used in both savoury and sweet dishes.

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Morning Glory

This climbing plant opens the flowers in the morning and then closes at night. Liking a sunny site it’s easy to grow and pretty too.

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Lettuce grows quickly, is really easy to harvest and takes up very little space. They can even grown in containers

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It is the most popular vegetable and can be grown in pots or hanging baskets. If you’re able to provide a little bit of support (a cage or stake) you can grow indeterminate tomatoes fairly easily.
If you plant basil next to the tomato plants, you’ll naturally repel pests and even improve the flavor of the tomatoes.

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Green Peas

One of the biggest attraction to peas in a pod is that they are perfect for little kids to handle and being able to open the pod adds an element of fun.
Peas are a lot of fun to grow because you can grow them up a trellis and they flower, which means your little ones can pick the pretty little flowers and bring them inside to enjoy on the dining room table.

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I know a lot of kids that eat cucumbers & tomatoes cut up as a snack, so this is definitely a great crop for kids to grow.
They are excellent producers, giving kids something to harvest nearly every visit to the garden.

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Kids love the underground surprise carrots offer when growing them at home. You can easily start carrots from seed and need just the right amount of water for carrots.

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