Jade plant care

Jade plants have traditionally been thought of as a token of good luck. It is ideal for adding to your own home/garden or gifting to others.

Basic Requirements
Jade plant requires a lot of light for its growth. If proper sunlight is not received then the plant will turn dull and lumpy.
Jade plant can grow in sandy , alkaline or slightly acidic soil. It mostly requires fast draining soil.

Good Luck plant
Jade is a succulent and a wealth attracting plant. It gives nourishing ‘CHI’ energy.

Water the jade plant only when the soil is dry, don’t over drain the soil. Water the plant more frequently in summer and very little during winters.
Don’t keep a schedule to water the plant instead check the soil and water accordingly.

Add fertilizers only when the plant growth is stopped. Jade is a suitable house plant even for beginner gardeners.
Add fertilizer only 2 to 3 times a year. A general use fertilizer will work fine. Don’t apply fertilizer when the soil is dry as it may be harmful to the plant.

Dust may accumulate on the leaves of Jade plant. Wipe the leaves with wet cloth or else the plant may look less attractive and wont absorb much sunlight.

Cut and remove dying branches. Cut 1/4 of the branches at a time. Prune the plant mostly in spring when new leaves can come early. Don’t cut more than 1/3 of the height of the plant.
Trim the roots every three years and repot the plant and add some soil to it. Branches regularly fall off wild jade plants and these branches may root and form new plants.

Cut a 3 inches branch and leave it till the cut heals. Place the branch in pot and wait till the roots take a hold. Leaves can also be propagated , just keep the stem side downwards and it will develop roots.

Jade plants are poisonous to pets. It may cause vomiting if ingested. It may even slow down heart rate. If ingested seek medical attention.

The jade plant is well known for its bonsai capabilities, since it forms a bonsai very easily when pruning is done correctly. Many who learn bonsai begin with a jade plant, since they are durable, easy to put through the bonsai process, and attractive.

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