Recycle your Christmas tree after the festive season

1. Needle can be used as mulching and they are slow to decompose which can be used in compost bin.

2. Cut the tree for firewood in you fire place.

3. Hang bird feeders on the tree and serve it as a bird home.

4. Return the trees to the shop as the same goes into recycling directly from shop to the recycling unit.

5. Needles of the tree can be kept in some pouches, paper bags or sachets and can be used as fresheners for some days.

6. Replant the tree !!

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7. Burnt wood from the fireplace can be spread in garden as the ash contains potassium and lime.

8. Chopped tree can be placed in yard or in balcony as the same can be a habitat for squirrels , rabbits and birds.

9. Drop your plant in the shredding unit as some use the woods and the remains for forest base.

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