Care for christmas tree

This christmas decorate your home with a real christmas tree.Just follow below steps and keep your tree fresh throughout the holidays and reuse
the same afterwards which will serve you as a living memory for years to come.


Bring a tree from a nursery or cut on your own as some shops cut the trees well in advance and then put the trees on sale for their profits.


Check the plant for needles, move your hand across the branch if the needles fall on your hand then don’t buy the plant. Norfolk Island pine would be the best choice as it is planted as house plant.
Bend the needle between your thumb and fore-finger, it should form a ‘U’ unless the tree is frozen.

Outdoors or indoors

Keep your tree outdoors till the holidays and bring the tree inside prior 7 days for the function as it cannot be kept indoors for more than 7-8 days.
Keep the tree in a coolest place at home away from heaters, fireplaces or direct sunlight. Avoid heavy light bulbs rather use LED’s.
Do not expose the root ball to repetitive freezing and thawing.

Movement of the tree

Slowly transition the movement of the tree as the warm temperature inside home might lead to tree growth which is to be avoided.Move the tree from garden to your garage and then to living room which will help it in easy transition to changing temperature.
When you bring the tree inside just saw the bottom around 2-3 inches so that the tree will absorb water.

Tree stand

Select a tree stand with adequate holding capacity. The tree stand should fit your teethe hole should be large enough for the stem of the tree to hold and enter.


Keep in mind to water the plant at fullest in process of transition but do not over drain the soil. If the tree dries out then it will be difficult to bring it back.
Spray water on leaves to keep the leaves moist and fluffy also place some ice cubes or flakes on leaves to keep the plant healthy. Use a tree stand that holds plenty of water.
Trees are very thirsty, help it by giving it around 3-4 liters of water every day.


Don’t over burden the tree with lights. switch off the light when going to bed or going out of house. Twinkle lights are the best. Never use lighted candles on the tree.

Ways to recycle your tree after the festive season

Live trees can be planted in garden as it may turn your garden beautiful for years to come.

Read for more click the link below 👇

Recycle your Christmas tree after festive season.

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