How to make COMPOST – A magic fertilizer

Set up a bin
You can make a compost container at home or buy it online or at any gardening store near you.
Plastic , ceramic or even mud pot will do. Poke holes in the plastic container for drainage of water. Pick a sunny spot which will help the soil (compost) to develop fast.

Materials to be added in compost

Egg shells, Vegetable and fruit scraps, Grass and plant cuttings, Newspaper and dry leaves, Coffee grounds and filters, Tea bags and paper napkins, flowers etc.

Things not to put in compost bin

Animal poop ,Citrus peels of fruits, Glossy paper, Fish remains, Plastic or bones , grease, metals , glass , cooked food etc.

Air and Water

Your compost will require Oxygen and water or else it will rot and lead to foul smell. Microbes need oxygen to do their work.
Sprinkle water twice or thrice a day which will allow the compost to breakdown and smell nothing but earthy soil. Bin should be like a soaked sponge and not water logged.

How long does it take

It depends completely on the size of compost or the materials you choose as scraps. The smaller the size of compost the process takes less time.

Large and small scraps don’t heat up correctly.For quick results you can blend your kitchen waste and add to the bin. Within few weeks solid waste turns into soil.

Shoving or Mixing

Mix your compost every week and add handful soil. You will notice that your waste is breaking down to soil if its not then add some green material like leaves and keep the pile wet.
Keep the bin full as the contents will shrink as the scraps decompose. When you add new material don’t forget to mix the old and new contents together.

When is it ready

Compost is ready when its dark , brown and crumbly with earthly smell. It will not be wet or in powdered form. Finished compost will be available at the top of the bin and keep the unfinished content further for decomposing.

What happens when compost is not ready

Don’t tempt to use the compost before formation as the bacteria in compost will use the nitrogen required by plant and will leave plant leaves yellow.
It will stop seed germination and growth of plant.

New soil as Fertilizer

Post few weeks your compost will be ready and you can sprinkle or just add it to your plants and garden. Compost acts a natural fertilizer and enriches soil content and nurture your plants.
Mix compost will soil when planting or transplanting plants.


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