Low budget Gardening – 8 Tips

In this hectic day to day urban life we all feel the need for fresh air and a relaxing corner in your home sweet home. ??
You don’t need acres of land for a low budget garden with mesmerizing , beautiful flowers 🌹πŸ₯€πŸŒΊand fresh organic veggies πŸ…πŸ†πŸ₯”πŸ₯•.

8 Steps to get a low budget garden.

Get an idea first whether its a flower or vegetable garden. You might also have a thought of just planting air purifying plants in your bedroom or planters at your office desk.
Depending upon which you will require to figure out if you need to buy seeds or plant cutting will be helpful.

Pick a place in your home as most of the plants require a 6 to 7 hours of sunlight or partial sunlight .
If there isn’t any sunlight then you can have cheap light bulbs which also provides enough light for plant growth.
Green herbs and veggies grow well in partial shade while some plants benefit from late afternoon shade.

Keeping in mind size of your home focus on size of containers or pots or planters.
Less space may be accompanied by vertical planters. Completely no space may be followed by hanging planters. Focus on small number of different plants. You can plant pots on window rails as well.
Research on your plant !!

Don’t buy new pots or containers. Paint old pots or reuse plastic bottles/jars. Old glass jars and vase can also reduce costing.
Earthen pots are a gardeners best friend. You can also prepare pots using cement mixes. Old tiffin boxes / Oil can / water bottles / Milk tetra packs add as a money saver.

You can grow herbs in windowsill only with few pots like Sage,Rosemary,Thyme,Basil,Mint etc.

As a beginner you can grow plants which require less maintenance like Snake plant , rubber plant , Aloevera , Money plant , Pothos , Rubber fig etc.

Focus on plants which bloom flowers and require less water and zero deadheading like Vinca , Bacopa , ShastaDaisy , Marigold , Bougainvillea etc.

Vegetables that grow really well in containers are Tomatoes,Potatoes,Cucumbers,Carrots,Peppers,Green onions,Turnips etc. save a lot of money on buying seeds.

Try planting cuttings from large plants and using vegetable seeds from kitchen which saves a lot of money. Many veggies can be grown by vegetable wastes.

Buying seeds rather than plants will save you huge amounts of money. Save money by swapping plants with neighbours.

Most important is the soil. Choose well drained and organic soil free of harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Get the same from some farm or open area or nursery.
If you are setting up your garden in open area then you can save lot of money as soil is readily available to you.

Keep off the pests and rodents from your garden.
a. Keep the containers above the ground i.e on stands.
b. Use home made repellents and pest control supplies.
c. Use a bird nest to keep away birds which may pull your plants or might eat your flower buds.

Use homemade compost rather than buying expensive fertilizer’s from nursery or stores. Use cooking water , coffee grounds.

Easy steps to make compost :-
a. Take a 10 gallon bucket approximately.
b. Make holes for drainage of water.
c. Fill the bucket with 10 handful of soil.
d. Add daily organic waste like eggshells ,potato peelings, lettuce leaves, and other leftover foods (uncooked).
e. Continue adding compostable matter like paper followed by organic material followed by paper.
f. Don’t forget to mix the organic matter and shuffle the contents of bin.

For detailed steps on making compost read below link πŸ‘‡

Compost a magic fertilizer

Resist to buy new gardening tools and urge yourself to plant more plants and wait and watch tree going from seeds to saplings to plants and blossoming and flourishing.
Once you have mastered with basics then just watch your garden grow.

Happy Gardening πŸ˜€

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