Marigold (Zendu) – The flower of dead.

Marigold is an annual or perennial plant from sunflower family which has an erect stem and grows about 6 to 50 inches in height.(Depends on the variety ).

It is a self seeding plant which will continue to grow in your garden even if left unattended.

Why flower of dead ?

Marigold flower represents fragility of life. Its is said that the souls of our departed beloved ones come to visit us during celebrations and hence, marigold flowers are used to guide the spirit with the flowers vibrant colour.


Full sun to partial shade.(Mostly sunny locations ). Around 6 hours of sunlight a day for proper folliage and flower development.


Moist , well drained , full of organic matter and fertile. A sand or loam mixture is best.


Water when the upper soil is 1 to 2 inches dry and water as much as it reaches 6 to 8 inches deep.

Take care not to water heavily as it leads to root rot and other moisture related diseases.


Marigold seeds germinate within days and blossom within 8 weeks.Marigold are self populating and grow with minimal attention.

Pluck the tops of plant for quick and constant blooming.


Granular fertilizer works perfectly for marigold. Lot of fertilizer is not required for the plant just a boost up with nitrogen and potassium at transplant or seed emersion gives boost to start.

Coffee grounds adds acidity to the soil which the plants loves the most.

Is it toxic ?

Not to humans but dogs and cats may vomit if the flower is ingested.

Pest control ?

Marigold acts as repellent . If placed or planted in your garden it may repel whiteflies and bad nematodes. It keeps rabbits , deers , mosquitoes and destructive insects away.


Skin healing ,
Acts as anti oxidant ,
Heals sore throat and mouth ulcers,
Resuces eye inflammation,
Eases cramps and spasms.

Marigold in my terrace

I have planted it with merely placing seeds into soil.

It isn’t a erect species so I have attached a support and tied the plant to it with threads.

A night vision.

A closer look 😊

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