Epsom salt – A miracle cure to plants !!

Magnesium sulphate is an organic compound commonly called as Epsom salt mostly used in agriculture and is a gardener’s secret ingredient to lush green trees and blooming plants and shrubs.
It increases chlorophyll pigmentation and can be used by fruits and vegetables plants as well. It is not an all-purpose fertilizer but boosts blooming of flowers and helps plants with magnesium and sulphate deficiencies.

Other names ?
Epsom salt (heptahydrate) ,English salt ,Bitter salts and Bath salts.

Is it harmful ?
No. It is a neutral compound and excess of it may not cause any harm to plants as the compound breaks down into water , Magnesium and sulphate which plants love.
Herbs hate it !!

How to use?
Planters :- 1 tablespoon can be added to 1 bucket (5 lts) of water and same can be sprayed on leaves or directly added to soil.
Application of Epsom salt on leaves is more effective and shows faster results than applied into soil through roots.

Garden :- Add 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt to a gallon of water and spray the same to about 100 sq. ft. of soil or else add Epsom salt to soil itself before planting trees or shrubs.

How often?
Use Epsom salt twice a month for quick results.

Stops plant shock !!
Whenever a plant is transferred it generally takes a long to adapt to new soil or the plant even dies in many cases.
Just apply a tea spoon of Epsom salt near the stem or dig a hole near the stem where the plant is transferred and it will help the plant in adapting to new soil and pot and the results are mesmerizing.

Need for other fertilizers ?
Epsom salt reduces the amount of other fertilizers used as the necessary nutrients are already reached to your garden/household plants.
Fertilizer causes salt buildup and Epsom salt separates the same thus making nutrients more available to plants/shrubs.

Bugs and diseases ?
Epsom salt gets rid of bugs and diseases. Slugs are generally burned by the salt and pests are banished from rose shrubs.
it also reduces blemished on leaves.

Who loves?
Roses , Tomatoes , Cucumber , Ferns , succulents , jade etc.

Other uses πŸ™‚
Hair growth ,Heals sunburns ,Lip moisturizer and Clean pores πŸ˜€

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Happy Gardening πŸ˜€ !!

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