Tips for growing Tomato plant.

Tomato πŸ… is consumed in various ways may be raw or cooked in salads , dishes and sauces. We mostly tend to grow what is required in day to day life.
Today I will help you with easy tips to grow and care Tomato plant.

Best time to plant : Mid January is the best time to plant tomatoes. As plant produces bulbs in about 80 days so you may be able to reap the same in April.

Seeds : Cut the tomato in two halves and squeeze the seeds in a bowl , rinse well and dry the seeds at room temperature for two days.
Seeds prepared for sowing should be sown within 7 days to avoid contamination.

Get seeds

Container : Tomato requires a bit of large space to grow so use a large pot or a 5 gallon bucket.( 1 plant per pot)

Sunlight : Tomatoes requires around 6-8 hours of sunlight daily and pot needs to be placed accordingly. Little sunlight may not help your plant to grow.

Water : Water the plant about twice a day and keep the soil damp to avoid dryness. Soil should remain damp all day.
Take care of over watering, signs of which includes – yellow leaves , curls leaves , cracked fruits and bumps on lower leaves.

Fertilizer : 5-10-5 is the best foliage as it contains 5% nitrogen, 10% phosphorus, and 5% potassium.
Epsom salt. 1 tea spoon weekly.
Spray your plant with magnesium sulphate once a month for early results.
Fish fertilizer is awesome as it adds micronutrients to enrich fruit growth.
Crushed egg shells and goat dropping also is a plus.

When does my plant die :

  • Too much water
  • Little sunlight
  • Poor soil

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Keep sharing and spread happiness. πŸ˜€

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